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You've Got Questions, We've Got Answers.

How soon could I obtain a stamp?

Some stamps are ready within 20 minutes.  

What do you require for stamps?

For company stamps, we require company registration and a form of identification.  For government institutions, we accept purchase orders.

Could a logo be included on stamp?

Certainly!  Our instant stamps are high definition and are most suitable for logos.

Does an address have to be on a stamp?

It is not mandatory for your company stamp to have an address.  This depends on the purpose of the stamp.

What is the difference between a seal and a stamp?

A seal is an embosser and leaves a raised impression on paper, whereas a stamp uses ink.  According to the Companies Act, a "seal" includes a rubber stamp.

What is the difference between traditional and self-inking stamps?

Traditional stamps have a wooden base and require a separate stamp pad.  Self-inking stamps have a built-in stamp pad. 

What is the difference between pre-inked and self-inking stamp?

The fundamental different between the two is the "inking" process.  Pre-inked stamps have a ink reservoir above the impression area, the ink flows downwards.  These stamps must be manually covered in order to prevent the ink from drying out.  Self-inking stamps have a built in stamp pad.  The impression area rest on the built-ink stamp pad, when the stamp is pressed, the impression area flips and marks the paper.  When you raise the stamp, the impression area flips back into its resting place on the built-ink stamp pad.  


Do you offer reseller pricing?

Yes.  Call us at 868.226.9343 for details about our reseller program

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